What We Do

Global Telconsult provides strategy and management consultancy, start-up support throughout the telecommunications, broadband and media content sector. Our firm grasp of market dynamics, value chains; our distinctive combination of creativity and rigour, and our renowned commercial insight enable us to consistently exceed the high levels of quality and innovation which our clients expect.

Our broad range of management consultancy includes:

  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • Marketing and Product Management
  • Content Strategy and Distribution
  • Technical Strategy and Operations
  • Financial Analysis

With hundreds of different competitive operators, there are many different regulations, prices, business models and technologies but by focusing on the right value drivers, delivering the right services and improving profitability through improved operational processes operators can markedly improve their shareholder returns. Our unique approach brings clarity and understanding to the complex world of telecoms business planning and enables our clients build robust business and investment plans that embrace alternative market, technical and economic futures.

Our background in both fixed and mobile technology, IT and media has enabled us to develop un-paralleled technological experience, innovation and help our clients exploit the resultant commercial opportunities. Global Telconsult has been closely involved in the development of a number of very advanced telecommunications services and systems. We have an experienced understanding of where potential problems are likely and where attention should be focused. This in-depth and pragmatic knowledge enables us to identify high performance and efficient solutions to meet our customer’s needs. As you’ll have gathered, we’re doers, not just talkers. With Global Telconsult, you get a total, practical working solution.


Global Telconsult has no affiliations with any manufacturer, service provider or other organisations. Our commitment is to our client’s business and consequently, we provide the best independent advice and solutions for your company without bias.

Global Telconsult is trusted throughout the world for its expertise, impartiality and its ability to get the best results for our clients.